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Samsung HMX-Q20 HD Flash Camcorder (HMX-Q20BN/XAA) - Black

Samsung HMX-Q20 HD Flash Camcorder (HMX-Q20BN/XAA) - Black

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Call Fry's For Product Details (408) 350-1484 One Button Easy Operation With so many built-in advanced features, it?s comforting to know that you don?t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use them. The Q20 was designed to help you shoot Full HD videos quickly and easily through a number of easy-to-use features. Many of the confusing buttons that are typically found on standard camcorders are eliminated. You can turn it on simply by flipping open the LCD screen. Then twisting and opening the LCD screen will automatically set to Playback mode. Switch Grip 2.0 Either Hand Switch grip gives you the freedom to get the shot one-handed, using either hand. Art Time Lapse Recording Stills taken at preset intervals can be put together to create a video that speeds up the slow passage of time. You?ll never miss a beautiful sunset again

  • Design: Color: Black
  • Design: Type: Full HD SwitchGrip Camcorder
  • Lens: Optical Zoom: 20x
  • Lens: Digital Zoom: 40x
  • Lens: F Value: 1.8(W) ~ 3.9(T)
  • Lens: Focal Length-35mm Conversion: 38.4mm ~ 768mm
  • Lens: Focal Length: 2.6mm ~ 52mm
  • Lens: Macro: Wide / Tele
  • Image Sensor: No. of Pixels: 5.1M
  • Image Sensor: Sensor Type: 1/4’ (effect 1/6.3”) BSI CMOS
  • Main Display: Device Type: 2.7” WVGA Touchscreen LCD
  • Main Display: No. of Pixels: 230K
  • Main Display: Bright Adjust: Yes
  • Main Display: Rotation Angle: 90+180 deg.
  • Stabilization: OIS Duo: Yes
  • Video Recording: Auto Exposure: Yes
  • Video Recording: Auto Focus: Yes
  • Video Recording: Auto Shutter: Yes
  • Video Recording: Back Light Compensation: Yes
  • Video Recording: Digital Special Effects: Off, Black & White, Sepia, Negative, Art, Ghost, Noir, Western, Dazzle
  • Video Recording: Low Light Sensitivity (lux): Auto: 5Lux (1/30sec)C.Nite: 3Lux (1/15sec)
  • Video Recording: Manual Exposure: Yes
  • Video Recording: Manual Focus: Yes
  • Video Recording: Manual Shutter: No
  • Video Recording: Recording Format: H.264 HP
  • Video Recording: Recording Quality: Super Fine
  • Video Recording: Recording Resolution: 720x480/60P
  • Video Recording: Resolution: Full HD i (1920x1080/60i) Vertical HD(1920x1080/30p) HD p (1280x720/60p) SD D1 (720x480/60P)
  • Video Recording: Shooting Guideline: Yes
  • Video Recording: Smart Auto: Auto, Night, Backlight, Portrait, White, Landscape, Macro, Bluesky, Natural Green, Sunset
  • Video Recording: Video File Format: MP4
  • Video Recording: White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Fluorescent/Tungsten/Custom
  • Still Imaging: Format: JPEG
  • Still Imaging: Resolution: 2944x1656 (4.9M)1920x1080 (2M)
  • Audio Recording: Audio Format: AAC
  • System Memory: Built-in Memory: None
  • Storage Media: Card Slot: Compatible with SDXC / SDHC / SD Card
  • Features: Function Beep: Yes
  • Features: Power LED: Blue
  • Features: Recharging Indicator: Orange while charging, no LED when fully charged
  • Inputs and Outputs: Composite: Yes
  • Inputs and Outputs: HDMI: Yes
  • Inputs and Outputs: IEEE 1394/Firewire: No
  • Inputs and Outputs: USB 2.0: Yes
  • Functions: Continous Shot: Yes
  • Functions: Delete All: Yes
  • Functions: FF/FPS: Yes
  • Functions: Divide: Yes
  • Functions: Frame Advance: Yes
  • Functions: Like It: Yes
  • Functions: PB All: Yes
  • Functions: Play/Still: Yes
  • Functions: Protect All: Yes
  • Functions: Protect Selected: Yes
  • Functions: Record Pause: Yes
  • Functions: Repeat: Yes
  • Functions: REW/RPS: Yes
  • Functions: Skip: Yes
  • Functions: Slide Show: Music (5 Background Music)
  • Functions: Slow Motion: Yes
  • Functions: Smart BGM: Yes
  • Functions: Time Lapse Recording: - Normal - Jumping - Zooming- Panning- Zooming+Panning - Night - Reverse(playback)
  • Software: System Requirements: Intel Core2Duo 1.66Ghz 1GB RAM, 2GB HDD, Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2
  • Video Resolution
  • Optical Zoom
  • Form Factor
    Palm Held
  • Megapixel Resolution
  • Features
    Touch Screen
  • Color
  • Screen Size
  • Storage Media

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Samsung HMX-Q20 HD Flash Camcorder (HMX-Q20BN/XAA) - Black for 97.50 at Fry's

Samsung HMX-Q20 HD Flash Camcorder (HMX-Q20BN/XAA) - Black for 97.50 at Fry's
10800 Kalama River Ave., Fountain Valley CA, 92708
(714) 378-4400