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Pokemon Rumble Blast

Pokemon Rumble Blast

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Battle More Than 600 Toy Pokémon in this 3D action-packed adventure! As the first Pokémon game created exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS system, Pokémon Rumble Blast gives fans the chance to experience unique, fun and fast-paced Pokémon battles in 3D without the need for special glasses. As they explore imaginative levels filled with Toy Pokémon, players can battle and collect more than 600 Toy Pokémon in all - including Pokémon from the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games. For added social fun, players can use a local wireless connection to team up, battle and collect Toy Pokémon together, or use the Nintendo 3DS system's built-in StreetPass feature to challenge other players' Toy Pokémon collections.

  • Engage in intense, all-out action as a Toy Pokémon! Switching between Toy Pokémon is fast and fun. Simple, intuitive controls make Pokémon Rumble Blast easy for new and experienced players alike to pick up and enjoy.
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast includes more than 600 Toy Pokémon to collect. Each Toy Pokémon has its own unique stats and power levels, and players can decide which one is best suited for each battle.
  • The giant Boss Pokémon - which are much stronger than typical opponents - add a unique and intense challenge as players battle their way through each stage. In Battle Royale, players strive to be the last Toy Pokémon standing in a fast-paced free-for-all where Toy Pokémon attack each other.
  • Two new battle modes add excitement for newcomers and veteran Pokémon fans alike. In Team Battle, players are joined by two of their own Toy Pokémon as they battle numerous mini bosses in a quest to defeat a Boss Pokémon. In Charge Battle, two large battalions of Pokémon collide in an explosive event that challenges the strength of the player's team.
  • Two players can team up and adventure together over a local wireless connection. In this mode, friends can play together in normal game areas that both of them have previously completed. This mode also increases their chances of befriending defeated Toy Pokémon.
  • The StreetPass feature lets players challenge Toy Pokémon that other nearby players have collected, and view customized Mii characters within the game.
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast takes place in an imaginative world called Toyland, which contains towns, fields and areas that are teeming with Toy Pokémon.
  • Platform
    Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher
    Nintendo of America
  • Developer
    Nintendo of America
  • Category

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Pokemon Rumble Blast for 34.99 at GameStop

Pokemon Rumble Blast for 34.99 at GameStop
1450 Baker St Ste D, Costa Mesa CA, 92626
(714) 979-4420