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Halo: Reach - Xbox 360

Halo: Reach - Xbox 360

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Explore the roots of the Halo series Learn more about Halo: Reach. (Flash demo) The planet Reach is the last line of defense against the encroaching Covenant's ultimate goal of destroying Earth. Sacrifice and courage are the traits that make you and your Spartan brothers part of an elite group of soldiers known as Noble Team. In this tragic and heroic story that sets the stage for the Halo saga, you are faced with impossible odds to save countless lives and defend Reach from annihilation. If your mission fails, then humanity faces an inevitable demise. Halo: Reach places you in the role of a member of the elite Noble Team engaging in battle against the Covenant. You must defend Reach against the invading forces to protect humanity from devastation. Your weapons, armor and deadly skills are as unique as each of the Spartan soldiers' personalities. Prepare for this epic storyline alone or team up with up to three friends and launch a co-op assault against the incredibly cunning AI which adds a level of complexity to each encounter and battle. The multiplayer action that Halo fans have come to expect delivers once again by setting a new standard of competitive online gameplay, customization, matchmaking and community integration. Experience the adventure and excitement like never before in this incredible installment of the ground-breaking Halo saga.

  • Includes a token in-pack for a downloadable Spartan Recon helmet with a visor/blast shield to power through battle in campaign and multiplayer modes (Quantities limited, available while supplies last)
  • Live the heroic and tragic events that took place on the planet Reach and set the course for the Halo trilogy
  • Defend the planet Reach against the encroaching Covenant as your team strives to preserve humanity's fate
  • Engage in the largest-scale battles ever experienced in the Halo universe
  • New weapons, vehicles and abilities accompany the familiar Halo arsenal for intense battles
  • Improved and craftier-than-ever artificial intelligence (AI) adds complexity and depth to each encounter for unique and challenging gameplay
  • Prepare to go it alone or enlist up to three friends to launch a cooperative assault for the good of the planet
  • Expanded suite of multiplayer offerings redefines the online gaming landscape
  • New social settings allow you to team up and play with like-minded people, vote on preferred maps and game types and keep an active roster
  • All-new multiplayer battle modes include Invasion, which lets players battle as Spartans vs. Elites in objective-based battles, and Arena, where players hone their skills in an all-out competition for bragging rights and rankings
  • All-new technology leaps forward with next-generation art, animation, audio, AI and Hollywood-style special effects
  • Personalize and customize your Spartan soldier with a vast array of armor that appears in both campaign play as well as multiplayer mode
  • Earn valuable credits based on everything you do across every game mode
  • Use your earned credits to unlock additional upgrades via the Armory
  • Number of Players
  • Platform
    Xbox 360
  • Number of Discs
  • ESRB Descriptor
    Blood, Violence
  • ESRB Category
    Violence, Other Descriptors
  • Genre
    Action & Adventure
  • Developer
    Bungie Software
  • pricematch

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Halo: Reach - Xbox 360 for 19.99 at Best Buy

Halo: Reach - Xbox 360 for 19.99 at Best Buy
901 S Coast Dr Ste F, Costa Mesa CA, 92626
(714) 434-0132