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Fable III - Xbox 360

Fable III - Xbox 360

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Who will you become in your Fable? Learn more about Fable III. (Flash demo) SynopsisFive decades have passed, and the distant land of Albion has matured into an industrial revolution — and the kingdom's fate is in peril. Rally your people and fight alongside them as you defend your homeland, rise to power and experience the reality of protecting the throne. How will the choices you make affect the world around you? As you embark on your epic adventure, will you choose the greater good or personal gain? Fable III is the latest chapter in the Fable series. In the 50 years since Fable II, the kingdom of Albion has flourished into an industrial revolution — but the kingdom's fate is in peril. Called upon to rally and fight alongside your people, you must choose between the greater good or personal gain, and who you will become. Will you rebel and fight against the power you detest, rise to power and become a tyrannical ruler — or become the greatest leader that ever lived?

  • Follow-up to the acclaimed Fable II, set five decades later
  • Live your life with innovative gameplay where every choice you make affects the world around you
  • Explore the vast land of Albion, caught up in an industrial revolution
  • Fight alongside your countrymen, rise to power and defend your throne in this magical storyline
  • Become a rebel, tyrannical ruler or the greatest leader to ever live as you make decisions along your epic journey
  • Number of Players
  • Platform
    Xbox 360
  • Number of Discs
  • ESRB Descriptor
    Blood, Language, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol, Violence
  • ESRB Category
    Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Other Descriptors
  • Genre
    Role Playing
  • Developer
    Lionhead Studios
  • pricematch

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Fable III - Xbox 360 for 14.99 at Best Buy

Fable III - Xbox 360 for 14.99 at Best Buy
901 S Coast Dr Ste F, Costa Mesa CA, 92626
(714) 434-0132